Steps to Attend Graduation

  • All Graduation information is on this website.

    Last Updated: 6/6/2020   1:45:55 PM


    Step 1. Graduates Register Your Two Guests 

    On the Graduation Guest Registration Google Form 

    Click Here Now to Register (Only the graduate can submit, must sign in with Clint ISD Google Account & Password.)


    Step 2. Reserve Tickets for Your Guests

    online via the Southwest University Park Ticket Office.

    Only guests registered on the Graduation Guest Registration Google Form may obtain tickets. 

    Click Here to Reserve Tickets for Horizon High School Graduation

    Click Here to Reserve Tickets for Mountain View High School Graduation

    Click Here to Reserve Tickets for Clint High School Graduation

    Click Here to Reserve Tickets for Clint ISD Early College Academy Graduation

    For help with tickets on the website please text 915-533-BASE or email

    Guests must present their tickets at the time of screening at the campus and also at the park for the ceremony.

    Attendees will not be allowed to be screened or enter park without tickets.

    Delivery Method

    Tickets@Home (Your tickets will be delivered to the email you used to setup your Chihuahuas account. If you don't have an account you can Sign Up. If you do have an account click on Log In. You will get a link to your tickets immediately once reserved in your email. 

    You may use your mobile phone to show your tickets digitally or print your tickets at home, work, or any printer. If printing, make sure to print out all tickets in your order. Each ticket should be printed on a separate page (8.5” by 11”). Tickets can be printed in color or black and white. These tickets should be treated like cash and kept secure. Check your email when you're ready to print or view.


    Step 3Download and Print the 2020 Graduation Screening Form

    Download a copy for the graduate and each guest. Fill one out for each attendee.

    Click Here Now to Download the Form **New Form! Updated June 4, 2020** 

    (Guests from out of town may be registered and can attend as long as they meet all other criteria

    We highly encourage completing the forms in advance to expedite the time it takes to get screened.


    Step 4Go Get Screened at the Campus at the Designated Time on the Day of your Ceremony

    Bring your tickets and filled in screening forms to the screening. 

    Guests Must show their tickets at screening (printed or on a cell phone)

    See Schedule below. (Do Not Be Late, Do Not Miss your Screening - No late screening will be available)

    We highly encourage attendees of the same household to carpool, this will expedite the time it takes to get screened.

    Please allow a sufficient amount of time for the screening process.

     Screening Times Chart


    Step 5. Go to Southwest University Park and Attend the Ceremony 

     Check In Times Chart

     Graduates must check-in at the Franklin Gates and Don't Forget!

    • Your Cap and Gown
    • Stoles, and/or honor cords
    • Clint ISD Medal (issued at screening)
    • Mask (issued at screening - No one may enter without protective face covering. Please keep it on at all times)
    • Wristband (issued at screening - must have it on)
    • You may bring 1 water bottle - no glass.
    • Bring your personal belongings in a clear bag.(All bags are subject to search, a clear bag makes it easy)
    • Once you check-in you will immediately proceed to assigned seat on the field. (seats will be labeled)
    • See Graduates Park Check-In Time for your time to Check-In at Southwest University Park.

     Guests must enter and exit through Santa Fe Gates and Don't Forget!

    • Your Tickets (Obtained via email at time of reservation - may be printed or saved to a phone)
    • Wristbands (Issued at screening - must have it on)
    • Masks (No one may enter without protective face covering. Please keep it on at all times)
    • If possible use a clear bag for your personal belongings. (All bags are subject to search, a clear bag makes it easy)
    • You may bring 1 water bottle per guest - no glass.
    • Please DO NOT bring: large bags, oversized items, balloon bouquets or items that may obstruct view. 
    • See Graduates Park Check-In Time for your time to arrive to Southwest University Park.

    Step 6: Following the Conclusion of the Ceremony

    Social Distancing

    To further ensure the safety of all attendees;

    • Graduates will be dismissed a row at a time beginning with the rear rows first and advance to the front rows.
    • Guests please remain seated, you will be dismissed by section starting with the outside sections first and moving toward the center sections.

    All attendees are asked to:

    • keep moving, congratulate each other with thumbs up and air high fives!
    • Arrange to meet back up with each other at your parking space.
    • Head home right way to begin thier celebrations safely.

    Remember to social distance and avoid crowding in groups.

Important Announcements

  • Ticketing Information

    • Each graduate will be allowed to invite up to 2 guests.
    • The guests will need to reserve their seats via the online ticket link assigned to each High School by Southwest University Park Ticket office.
    • Tickets will be sent electronically and will need to be downloaded on phones or printed prior to attending the ceremony.
    • Attendees will not be allowed to enter without tickets, screening wristband, and mask.

     Reserved Seating Sample

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  • All Graduates, Guest (Ticket Holders), and District Staff must be screened

    Prior to attending the Ceremony at Southwest University Park

     for any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19:

    • Fever: Measured temperature greater than or equal to 99.9F
    • Headache
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Chills
    • Repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Diarrhea
    • Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19

    Those found with any of these signs or symptoms will be excluded from attending or participating in the Graduation Ceremonies.

    Graduates, Guests, and Staff will receive a wristband once they have been screened by a district official and have also signed the COVID-19 questionnaire.

    All Graduates, Guests, and Staff MUST have a proper screening wristband to enter Southwest University Park. 

    A schedule of days and times for screening will be posted for each high school graduation soon.

    Check back for updates. 

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  • Masks & Social Distancing

    • All graduates, guests, staff and participants must wear masks when entering the park and must keep mask on when in the park.
    • All graduates, guests, staff and participants must practice social distancing.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all entrances to the park.
    • Entire park will be cleaned and sanitized prior to event.
    • During the event, areas open to the public will continue to be cleaned and sanitized, as well as after the event.


    • Will enter and exit through the Franklin Gate at their designated check-in time.
    • Must have Screening Wristband on
    • Must have a mask on
    • Once they check-in they will immediately proceed to assigned seat on the Field.
    • Seats for graduates will be separated 6 ft from each other.
    • The seats will be labeled with graduate’s first and last name.
    • All Graduate students will be provided a mask at screening.


    • will enter and exit through the Santa Fe and Durango Gates at the designated check-in time of the graduate.
    • Must have Screening Wristband on
    • Must have a mask on
    • All attendees will be seated 6 feet apart as follows:
      • Except among members of the same household.
      • Family groups: Two individuals of the same household, excluding the graduate, may sit next to each other without 6 foot spacing.
      • Each family will be at least 6 feet away from any other family group at all times.
      • All seating will be reserved seating.
      • No G.A. will be available.

     District Employees will be stationed appropriately to ensure compliance with all social distancing requirements and to limit congregation.

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  • Concession at the Park

    • Each guest and graduate is allowed to bring in one plastic water bottle. No glass is allowed.
    • Concessionaire will have “Grab N Go” portable units open to sell bottled water and sodas only.
    • No outside food allowed in the Ballpark.
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  • Seniors - did you earn a scholarship?

    Make sure you provide your updated scholarship and financial aid information to your college readiness counselor.

    CECA: Elizabeth Schow

    CHS: Elizabeth Pasillas

    HHS: Cristina Rodriguez

    MVHS: Brenda Rueda

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Southwest University Park to host Clint ISD Graduation Ceremonies

2020 Graduation Ceremonies Save The Date!

  • Horizon High School 

    Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 8:00pm


    Mountain View High School 

    Thursday, June 11, 2020, 8:00pm


    Clint High School

    Saturday, June 13, 2020, 8:00pm


    Clint ISD Early College Academy

    Sunday, June 14, 2020, 8:00pm


    All Ceremonies at

    Southwest University Park

    1 Ballpark Plaza, El Paso, TX 79901

Graduation FAQs

  • No Cash & Water Fountains Concessions | About Beverages, Bottles & Containers

    Posted by:

    No bottles (glass or otherwise), cans, food, beverages or containers may be brought into the park, with the exception of items necessary for health reasons and one (1) non-glass water bottle per attendee.

    Food and alcoholic beverages will NOT be sold. Water fountains will NOT be in service.

    Self service “Grab N Go” portable units will be open to sell bottled water and sodas only. These machines DO NOT accept cash.

    Only VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

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  • What do my tickets look like? or What if I loose my ticket?

    Posted by:

    Click Here to See a Sample Ticket

    Ticket holders are able to log back into their account at any time to obtain a copy of their tickets.

    If you have already reserved tickets and need to access them again to reprint or download to a mobile device.

    Click Here to Login

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  • Can guests attend from out of Town?

    Posted by:

    Yes! Previously the county had avised that people who travel from outside the El Paso area quarantine. This has been revised and guests from out of town may now attend the ceremony. We appologize for any incovenience however we just recived the update on June 4, 2020.

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  • How do I reserve accessible seating?

    Posted by:

    When reserving seating on the Ticket Website, check the box that says Yes, Show me accessible seating. It will ask are you sure you want to switch to see accessible seating? Click on Switch, you will then see the best accessible seats available for reservation. Proceed to select your seats. 

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  • Prohibited Items & Metal Detectors

    Posted by:

    Prohibited items will not be permitted inside the ballpark. Any prohibited item(s) must be removed or consumed before entry will be permitted. Prohibited items include any food or beverage not purchased in the ballpark. Exceptions include: items necessary for health reasons, and one sealed or empty non-glass water bottle per guest for water fountain refills.

    All bags are subject to inspection prior to admittance. 

    Prohibited items include: coolers, baskets, lawn chairs, stadium seats, sticks, offensive, political or other non-event related banners or signs, inappropriate clothing, laser pointers, pressurized air horns, vuvuzelas, whistles, cans, glass bottles, projectiles that can cause injury or disruption of the game or event, confetti, beach balls or other inflatable objects [including balloon bouquets], fireworks, firearms or other weapons, squirt guns, frisbees, bicycles, in-line skates, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards (balance boards), unauthorized drones, knives, guns, drugs, and outside food and drink (exceptions include one sealed water bottle per guest or dietary needs approved items.) 

    As stated, firearms are not permitted at Southwest University Park. This includes persons who hold a License to Carry (either a Concealed Carry or Open Carry license); per Section 30.06 and 30.07 of the Texas Penal Code, respectively.

    All attendees will be screened by a metal detector.

    Please refrain from bringing the graduates gifts into the park. These items would be best provided to your graduate before or after the ceremony from the comfort and safety of your home. 

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  • Bag Searches?

    Posted by:

    NO BAGS or CLEAR BAGS advised.

    It would be best to leave all personal belonging locked and out of sight in your vehicle, Southwest University Park and the district are not responsible for items left in your vehicle.

    Try not to bring anything with you or only the bare minimum of necessities including your Mask, Wristband, and Ticket if you are a guest to get into the park. 

    If you must bring a bag attendees are advised to put their personal belongs in a clear bag. This will make search easier and faster. 

    All guest bags are subject to search upon entry. Diaper bags, backpacks, small bags, and purses will be permitted into the ballpark but are subject to inspection. Umbrellas are also permitted so long as they are less than three feet in diameter and do not obstruct the view of other guests. Strollers are permitted in the ballpark. Fold-up strollers and fold-up wagons should be stored under the reserved seat. Strollers and fold-up wagons may not obstruct stairs or walkways inside the ballpark. Southwest University Park does not have storage for strollers or fold-up wagons, nor are we responsible for either left unattended.


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  • I reserved tickets online but did not get them in my email?

    Posted by:

    Graduates that use thier Clint ISD email account to reserve tickets, can check thier Student Outlook Email Account for the tickets. (We do not use GMAIL) Click here to check your Clint ISD Email

    Guests, check your Junk or Spam folder if you did not recieve your tickets. 

    For help with tickets on the website please text 915-533-BASE or email

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  • Where can I stay up to date with Graduation Information?

    Posted by:

    We will continue to update this website with information, check back often for updates. The shrortlink to this website is:

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  • Will there be a schedule for Screening?

    Posted by:

    Yes, we have posted a schedule for drive through screening at all 3 high schools for the day of each ceremony. 

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  • Where is the link to get tickets?

    Posted by:

    All Graduates that have already registered their guests received an email on June 2 with the links to reserve tickets. The Links have been posted under Step 2 of the Steps to Attend Graduation. 

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  • How many guests can attend graduation?

    Posted by:

    Clint ISD prides itself in providing a memorable experience for graduates and families as students achieve this important milestone. We are fortunate to be able to provide a ceremony during this unprecedented time.

    We hope you understand that we must adhere to the guidelines provided in order to conduct these events. These were the conditions from The State of Texas, the Texas Education Agency, the City, and County of El Paso. Each graduating student is permitted to invite 2 guests only. Unfortunately we had no say in the matter.

    Children, including siblings, may attend the ceremony but will count as one of the 2 guests. Parents may need to make arrangements for childcare. 

    For those who are unable to physically attend- the ceremony will be live streamed. Refer to the links above in Site Shortcuts for a link to each ceremonies Live You Tube Stream.

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  • What if I can't download and print the Screening Form?

    Posted by:

    We highly encourage attendees to download and print the form in advance from home or work, anywhere can access a printer. Attendees can fill in the information ahead of time and be ready for screening. This will reduce the time it takes to complete the screening and get you on your way faster. If you're not able to download and print the form you will be provided one at screening.

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  • How can we Celebrate our Graduate?

    Posted by:

    All are welcome to help celebrate your graduates on the Virtual Celebration Page for each high school. See the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration drop down menu on top of this site. Click here to Submit a Photo or Video to the Virtual Celebration.

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  • Can we high five the graduates?

    Posted by:

    While we are immensely proud of our students and their accomplishments, please refrain from high fives, hugs, kisses, or physically touching graduates. We suggest that we find creative ways to communicate the same thing -- like an air high-five, 2 thumbs up, ankle touches, create a new family dance! Communicate the same spirit but in a more creative and entertaining way, at a distance. 

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