• Elementary/Junior High/Middle School Uniforms (Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 8): A student’s appearance has much to do with personal pride, conduct and the way students respond to each other. Student success and a positive learning atmosphere are also affected by appearance; therefore, the District is requiring “Dress for Success” for students in Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 8 as follows:

    1. Uniform shorts may be worn throughout the school year. Shorts will be walking type and not below the knee.

    2. Dresses, skirts, skorts, or shorts shall measure no shorter than two inches above the knee. Skorts and shorts will not be below the knee. Dress/skirts/skorts/shorts/pants that are navy, plain and undecorated denim, black or khaki may be worn.

    3. Elementary students must wear closed shoes. No steel toe boots/shoes, heelys shoes or sandals are allowed. Middle/junior high school students may wear sandals. Students in grade 6 or 9 will follow the dress code of the particular campus where they are enrolled.

    4. All shirts or blouses must be “Polo” style (no more than 3 button Polo shirts). They must be tucked in at all times with the belt showing. Belts must be worn.

    5. Shirts/blouses in solid school approved color(s) shall be selected from district approved colors: black, white, gray or red. (Undershirts-plain school approved colors only.)

    6. School spirit shirts may be worn on designated days as determined by the campus principal.

    7. Collared shirts/polo shirts shall not be unbuttoned below the second button from the collar or buttoned to top button on collar. This includes garments worn in place of a shirt. Shirts shall be worn tucked inside the pants. This does not include sweaters that will be allowed. Shirts or sweaters with hoods are allowed, but the hood should not cover the student’s head inside the building.

    8. Hoodies, that are the pull over style, may not be worn inside the building for all middle school students.