Principal's Welcome

  • Dr. Juanita Guerra

    Welcome Back Rattlers! I am so excited to welcome everyone to East Montana Middle School. Be ready for an AWESOME school year! I truly believe that parents, students, teachers, and administrators need to work together so that our students succeed in school and in life. I challenge you to make a commitment to the following:

    As a student, I will:

    • Always try to do my best work.

    • Be kind and helpful to my classmates.

    • Show respect for myself, my school, and other people.

    • Obey classroom, school, and bus rules.

    • Show respect for property by not stealing or vandalizing.

    • Come to school prepared with my homework and my supplies.

    • Believe that I can and will learn.

    • Read, Read, Read

    • Talk with my parents each day about my school activities.


    As a parent/guardian, I will:

    · Show respect and support for my child, the teachers, and the school.

    · Support the school's discipline policy.

    · Provide a quiet, well-lit place for study and supervise homework.

    · Attend parent-teacher conferences.

    · Talk with my child each day about his or her school activities.

    · Monitor my child's TV viewing, computer use, and cell phone use.

    · Encourage my child to read, read, read!


    As a teacher, I will:

    · Treat every student as a VIP.

    · Provide a safe and comfortable environment that's conducive to learning.

    · Support the growth mindset model by believing in our students.

    · Make connections, know my students.

    · Enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently.

    · Communicate with parents and students on student progress and achievement.

    · Use special activities in the classroom to make learning enjoyable.


    As an administrator, I will:

    · Ensure the safety of students, staff, and parents at East Montana.

    · Provide appropriate support for students, staff, and parents at East Montana.

    · Set high expectations for all and strive for gains.

    · Communicate with parents and students on student progress and achievement.

    · Reward positive behavior and recognize student achievement.

    · Recognize teacher commitment and celebrate success.

    · Support teaching and learning and school safety.


    Together…We Build Tomorrow!

    Proud Principal of East Montana Middle School