• Certification Renewal

    Texas Education Agency (TEA) -Renewal of Certification

    Certified educators in Texas who hold a standard certificate must renew their certification every five years.  Educators are required to complete a minimum of either 150 or 200 professional development hours over the five-year period before the Standard Certificate can be renewed.  Educators will receive a notice via email from TEA six months prior to the expiration of their certificate.  Therefore, it is very important that educators maintain their TEA profile updated at all times.  Visit the following TEA website for requirements for renewing standard certificates.

    Renewing Standard Certificate

    For more information on educator certification, please contact:

    Texas Education Agency Educator Certification and Testing 
    1701 North Congress Avenue, WBT 5-100 
    Austin, Texas 78701-1494
    Phone: (512) 463-9734 (Switchboard) 
    Fax: (512) 463-9838 
    Educator Certification Information: (512) 936-8400 

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