• 2018 Clint ISD Election Results UNOFFICIAL

  • 2018 CANDIDATES (Filed) for the November 6, 2018 Elections


    District 1

    District 2

    District 4


    • No Candidate
    • Jennifer Ivey
    • Arturo "Rocky" Cruz
    • Arleen Parada
    • Roberto Lara
    • Patricia Franco
    • James Richard Pendell



    District 4: Sigifredo Montes

  • The Clint ISD Board of Trustees is comprised of seven elected community members that act as a group to serve the best interests of students, employees and protect the taxpayer's investments in the district. They serve staggered four-year terms with elections held biennially. The Board of Trustee's authority is defined by federal and state laws and by regulation set by the State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency.Trustees provide service to the Clint ISD community without financial compensation. The elections of all Trustees shall be held in a joint election, pursuant to the Texas Election Code, Chapter 271, with state and county officers.