• Vision Statement

     Clint ISD Special Education Department commits to providing access to equal learning opportunities for every student, including those with disabilities. Through a comprehensive and collaborative approach, all stakeholders prioritize the awareness and acceptance of disabilities and ensure every student is provided individualized, high-quality educational opportunities in the least restrictive environment. Clint ISD students receiving special education services are equipped with postsecondary readiness skills with an emphasis on independence, self advocacy, and self determination.

  • Mission Statement

    Clint ISD Special Education Department is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for students with special needs. The department strives to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including students, teachers, staff, families, and the community, to ensure that every student with special needs is equipped with the necessary resources and support to achieve their fullest potential. 

    The department understands that every student is unique and has individual needs, and as such, it is committed to providing personalized services to meet each student's unique requirements. The department utilizes the latest research and evidence-based practices to create effective programs that support student learning and development.

    The department also recognizes the importance of family involvement in the education of students with special needs and encourages parents and caregivers to actively participate in the education process. By working together, the department, students, families, and the community can create an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers students with special needs to succeed.


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