• Physical Therapy in School Settings


    Physical Therapy is considered a related service in the school setting. The focus of school based physical therapy is to improve the ability for students to access their learning environment safely. To accomplish this, the goal is to help students improve strength, balance coordination, and mobility.

    A school based physical therapist might work on the following skills to improve functional mobility, depending on the individual needs of the student:

    • Balance: to help improve sitting in a classroom, cafeteria, or sitting on a swing or playground equipment.
    • Functional Mobility: to help improve the ability of the student to move about the classroom, playground equipment, walking though the school unassisted, or assisted using a walker or wheelchair. Using stairs to get in and out of a school bus, or learning to step on and off a curb.
    • Gross Motor Skills: to help improve the use of large muscles to participate in physical education by learning to jump, skip, throw and catch, or ride a bike.


    Dr. Tara Garza, Physical Therapist

    Ysela Arroyo, Physical Therapy Assistant