• Transition


    The goal of the Transition program at Clint ISD, is to prepare our students for the transition from student to adult. Students at the elementary and middle school levels are encouraged to have positive personal and social relationships, as well as exposing our students to the many post-secondary educational and career opportunities available. This foundation is further guided at the high school level, where students are provided community-based instruction, and provided with opportunities to learn about the post-secondary agencies available to assist them. Working in collaboration with the student, parent and community agencies, to help design a high school program that aligns with the student's post-secondary goals.

    Contact Information:

    Ryan Trujillo, Special Education Post Secondary Facilitator

    Email: Ryan.Trujillo@clint.net

    Lorraine Herrera, Special Education Post Secondary Facilitator

    Email: Lorraine.Herrera@clint.net

    Office: 915-926-8500


    Transition Resources:


    The Texas Transition and Employment Guide, offers students, and parents information on post-secondary educational and work opportunities.

    Texas Transition and Employment Guide

    Guía de Transición y Empleo en Tejas