• Audiology


    Teacher for the hearing impaired also known as AI Itinerant Teacher

    As the AI Itinerant Teacher for Clint ISD, I have a unique roll with your child/ren, because as your child/ren grow and move from Elementary school, to the Middle school and on to High school, within the district, I follow your child/ren to their new school. I get to see your child grow, change and succeed to be the best student that they can be. Hearing impaired students vary in the degree of hearing loss, they might have a hearing loss in one ear or in both ears, and they can vary in the kind of hearing loss that they have. A hearing loss can be temporary, permanent, stabile, or progressive. Each students hearing loss is as different as their IEP.

    Roles and responsibilities of the AI Teacher

    • To review each student’s audiological information pertaining to the student’s performance and probable use of hearing from the ENT evaluation and teach the student about his/her own hearing loss
    • Monitor the student’s amplification to insure it is working properly, whether it be hearing aids, Baja bone conductor, Cochlear implant, FM system, low gain, sound field tower, etc. and to teach the student how to use and care for their own equipment.
    • Communicate effectively with parents, teachers, nurse and related services with information for working with the hearing impaired, the do’s and don’ts
    • Inform parents about events, symposiums, conferences and organizations within the community and attend those events
    • Develop and implement IEP, lesson plans for direct instruction and goals such as; auditory training, auditory memory, maintaining equipment, learning appropriate idioms, using total communication with students when appropriate,
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the areas of language development and language refinement needed by hearing impaired children

    Parent resources

    • Texas Hands and Voices is a state wide nonprofit organization dedicated for supporting families and children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    Contact person for our area is Terry Myers (915) 204-4452

    • El Paso Children’s Foundation funds EN VOZ ALTA

    EN VOZ ALTA, is a nonprofit organization that strives to further the developmental, educational, social and emotional growth of children with hearing impairment through education, advocacy, and support.

    For more information, contact Miriam Flores at (915) 521-7229 or Miriam.flores@umcelpaso.org

    The Dallas Hearing Foundation, is a nonprofit foundation exclusively dedicated to giving the gift of hearing and speech to children and adults with hearing loss.

    For more information please contact Jennifer.clark@dallashearingfoundation.org

    • West Texas Lions Eye Health Foundation can help with buying glasses and the repair of hearing aids.

    Contact person is Rocco Viera (915) 545-7178

    Texas Lions Club Camp, is a one-week camp for children with disabilities from 7-16.

    For more information, contact Patsy Acahim (915) 274-3999.