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    Framework for Clint ISD Families and Students



    Our goal is to continue to provide high quality instruction and support while maintaining a safe environment for all.


    In an effort to provide a safe environment, Clint ISD has adopted to continue In-Home learning for the first nine weeks of school where students will receive instruction at home by an assigned classroom teacher. We are moving from providing instructional support to providing instruction. We will follow the guidelines presented to us from the Texas Education Agency as outlined in the framework below:


    Instructional Schedule:

    ❑ Teachers will report to their designated campus at their regular work schedule. Using the I-Learn system, teachers will provide lessons live to students on their rosters. Teacher interaction with students is scheduled so that all students log-on to participate in the day’s learning.

    ❑ Teacher’s will communicate their availability to students and parents (office hours) prior to the year starting and will post their schedules and hours of availability on their class webpage.  Teachers will communicate this schedule to all students and their parents.

    ❑ Students can access instructional support from teachers when needed. Direct instruction is delivered by teachers, and students will know how and when they can interact with their teachers by following the class schedule.

    ❑ Students are provided clear means to engage with academic material on a daily basis.

    ❑ Student IEPs are followed regardless of learning environment such that students with disabilities receive a Free, and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

    ❑ Student academic work ensures engagement that is equivalent to direct content work that a student would be engaged in over a normal school year.

    ❑ Clint ISD will continue to follow our district pacing guides based on TEKS Resource System and this will be evident in lesson planning.

    ❑Schedules of instruction will include opportunities for students to engage with each other and will provide times for independent practice.

    ❑Teachers will interact with students daily to provide live instruction and feedback on progress.

    ❑Best practices such as implementing Fundamental Five should be included in this instructional time.


    Progress Monitoring:

    ❑ Students will be assessed at designated times in an effort to monitor student progress in a remote setting. These assessments include district created common assessments, reading screeners, math screeners, etc.  A district assessment calendar will be provided.

    ❑ Progress monitoring includes all students and can be done in any proposed at-home scenario (digital or print)

    ❑ Progress is evidenced from teacher/student interactions made that day.

    ❑ Expected student progress in a remote setting is established and planned. (ex. Goal setting)

    ❑ Daily, trackable student engagement is documented to measure progress.

    ❑ Data from online platforms will measure progress and participation.

    ❑ Completion and submission of assignments planned for that day will identify understanding of concepts taught.

    ❑ Student feedback is provided from the teacher at least weekly including next steps or necessary academic remediation to improve performance.

    ❑ District grading policies will be implemented to track progress. 80% of grades will be taken from daily assignments/projects while 20% will be based on assessments.


    Instructional Materials:

    ❑ Teachers and instructional staff will use district identified instructional materials that support a coherent, logical course sequence that reinforces concepts at appropriate times to ensure continuity of learning at-home. Students have access to online textbooks as well as other applications and resources.

    ❑ Instructional materials will be used to consistently reinforce concepts at appropriate times to ensure retention of knowledge.

    ❑ Instructional materials include specifically designed resources and/or accommodations and modifications to support students with disabilities and English Learners in the in-home learning environment.



    ❑ Students will log-in at their designated time to participate in the daily schedule of learning.

    ❑ Students will complete assignments and actively engage with the lesson and others. Assignments can include independent practice as well as whole group participation.

    ❑ Attendance will be taken daily. All attendance requirements will apply with I-LEARN@HOME learning.

    ❑ Clearly defined expectations for dress and participation will be communicated.

    ❑ Access to the internet is needed. If a student needs a hot-spot, the district can provide this to them. Any device concerns or needs should be reported to the campus or on the Help-Desk link on our website.

    ❑ A clear communication system between home and school will be utilized so that learning is maximized.


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