• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About I-LEARN@HOME


    1. What is I-LEARN@ HOME? The I-LEARN@HOME program allows students to remain in their home for instruction during a period of time for the 2020-2021 school year. They will be completing their assignments, have direct teaching programs, and taking assessments while at home.


    1. How long will there by an I-LEARN@ HOME program? All students will be in the I-LEARN@ HOME program at the start of school and through most of the first Nine-Weeks. The District will monitor the health situation and make adjustments. When students are allowed to attend at the campus, the option to remain in the I-LEARN@ HOME program will remain. Students will be notified when the I-LEARN@ SCHOOL program will begin.


    1. Is Attendance going to be taken during I-LEARN@ HOME? Attendance will be taken daily for students. Elementary students will have their attendance recorded at 10:00 a.m. daily and Secondary students will have their attendance taken each period. Students may also have attendance recorded for learning interactions with their teachers.


    1. Do students have to meet the 90% Attendance Law? All students will be required to attend class for 90% of the time that the class is offered to obtain credit. Any student who is not in attendance 90% of the time will not be awarded credit.


    1. What is the schedule for the I-LEARN@ HOME program? The first day of school will be July 27, 2020. The elementary campuses will have a schedule by each level of the instructional times that teachers will meet with students and times when students will complete assignments on their own. Secondary campuses will have an A/B Block schedule in which they have Periods 1-4 on “A” Days and Periods 5-8 on “B” Days.


    1. Can I pick and choose the classes that I attend during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? Students must follow their schedules, login at the times requested, and complete the pre-prepared activities to earn credit for the courses. They must meet the 90% attendance rule.


    1. Where can I find the student schedules and teachers for the I-LEARN@ HOME program? All campus schedules will be the District web-site for the I-LEARN@ HOME program. Secondary students can log into Skyward in the student and parent portal to view their schedules.


    1. What will the students be learning during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? Students will be taught the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the grade or subject in which students are enrolled. They will have activities designed to teach them the curriculum for that grade level or content area. 


    1. Can students work on assignments or projects in only one class and not others? Students must show progress and work in all classes daily in order to obtain credit for the course. If students do not participate and complete the daily assigned activities, they will be marked “Absent.”


    1. Will students be assigned group work or projects that they may have to interact with other students? Each teacher will create instructional activities based on the content they must teach. All teachers will provide pre-prepared activities for students. Some activities may require group work or collaboration. Teachers will provide instructions for all student assignments. 


    1. What do students do if they need help with an assignment? Students and parents can contact teachers directly for assistance.


    1. How will teachers be proving instruction during the I-LEARN@HOME program? Teachers, at all levels, will be directly instructing students through a virtual meeting platform while they are learning at home. The teachers will assign activities via Google Classroom or email. Teachers will also assign work that has to be pre-prepared that students can complete on their own and submit to their teacher. 


    1. Will teachers be grading during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? All teachers will be providing grades to students while they are learning from home. The grades will be configured with 80% being daily work, projects, and group assignment grades and 20% being assessments, quizzes, and exams.  Teachers should provide at least 22 grades per nine-week period. 


    1. Will students have to take tests or exams during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? Teachers will be checking for student understanding routinely. Teachers may use online tools such as Google Classroom, Nearpod, Pear Deck, or other online apps to observe student knowledge of the information. Students will take a Nine Weeks exam as well as other benchmark exams throughout the year as well. These are important and should be completed by the student without any assistance. 


    1. How often will teachers contact students during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? Students must interact with their teacher every day to be awarded credit. Teachers, counselors, and administration will contact all parents who do not attend classes. If assistance is needed, students may contact their teachers for support.


    1. Will progress reports and grades be posted in the Student and Parent Portal? Students will receive progress reports just like a regular school year. Grades will be entered in Skyward and parents can review student progress in the portal. Report cards will be issued after each Nine Week Period.


    1. What happens if a student is absent during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? If a student is ill or absent, they will be allowed to make up the work for that day. Teachers will provide students with their makeup work and students must submit the completed work during a reasonable timeframe.


    1. How do students dress for the I-LEARN@ HOME program? It is the expectation that students be appropriately dressed during the ILEARN@ HOME program. Students should not be dressed in pajamas, in clothing that reveals personal areas, or in clothing that has inappropriate wording or pictures. Elementary students may wear the same clothing as if it were a free dress day and are not required to wear the regular school uniform. Secondary students should not wear clothing that would distract from the learning while online. Top and bottom articles of clothing are required at all times. Sunglasses and hoodies will not be on students’ faces during virtual meetings.  


    1. What is the expectation for behavior for students during the I-LEARN@ HOME program? Students are expected to log into their class as scheduled. Students are also expected to use appropriate language, both verbal and typed, at all times. Students should be engaged in the learning and treat the teacher and classmates with mutual respect. Any student who does not follow these expectations will have a parent meeting scheduled by the administration and conducted virtually.


    1. What happens if students are copying assignments or online information and submitting it as their own work? Students who are not providing their own solutions to their assignments will have a referral provided to the administration who will conduct a parent virtual meeting. Students may also be given an alternative assignment or a zero for any copied work.


    1. How will students receive projects and pre-prepared activities? Upper-grade students will receive and submit assignments through applications, Google Classroom, Nearpod, Pear Deck, and other online apps. Lower-grade students will receive activities through Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Class Dojo, and other online apps. Students can also pick up consumable workbooks that will be scheduled by the campus.


    1. Can students access lessons and activities from when they were absent? Teachers will record direct instruction lesson/activity whenever possible and will make them available to students within the Google Classroom.  


    1. Do students have access to textbooks during the I-LEARN@HOME program? All Clint ISD students have access to online textbooks in most classes.


    1. When can I schedule a parent conference with my child’s teacher? Parents can schedule a conference at any time by contacting the teacher or administration. 


    1. What process do students take if their device is not working or they need Internet access? Students needing Internet access can complete the form on the district webpage to request a hotspot, the district will follow up with hotspot information. If a district device is not working, contact the Campus Librarian, Office Staff, or Tech Coach for a device exchange.


    Clint Area

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    William D. Surratt Elementary Maria.Franco@clint.net,Marisela.Alvarado@clint.net 


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