• Clint ISD Sped Procedures upon Schools Reopening


    Clint ISD Sped Procedures upon Schools Reopening TEA offers the following considerations for districts who will be offering in-school instruction. Once the decision to reopen has been made, TEA wants the LEAs to make decisions based on the following priorities (1) health and safety, (2) communication with staff and families, and (3) requirements of IDEA and state law. Training will be provided locally for evaluators regarding TEA guidance and any local practices and procedures prior to being cleared to conduct on-site evaluations.

    The Sped Dept has developed Guidelines for Evaluations during COVID-19 that review safety and health considerations, materials needed and implications for eligibility. The staff will go through training before beginning face-to-face testing.

    The evaluation staff will be very strategic in scheduling the evaluations and will need to collaborate depending on the student. For students who will be exposed to more than one person the staff must make sure to keep the student in the same room while they take turns completing their part. There are other students who will be evaluated by a team and will require more safety measures along with including the parent in the evaluation. All parents will be provided information regarding the safety precautions, the day and time of the evaluation along with contact information. The staff will be communicating with the campus administrator on the testing schedule to ensure that no persons are allowed in the testing room in order to minimize exposure to other people. In case of a child or staff testing positive for COVID-19 it will be easier to trace and isolate all who came in contact with each other.

    TEA, school attorneys and assessment webinars have been very clear that testing should not be rushed, and that determination of eligibility must adhere to IDEA requirements. It is recommended that the evaluation staff collect information on how the student is performing after they return to brick and mortar. The 3-week tests done by the teachers will be instrumental for additional documentation. The date evaluation staff will be trained regarding safety guidelines and procedures for face-to-face testing is tentative dependent on the reopening of schools. Due to the school closure and moving to a virtual platform there will be information that is going to be needed in the evaluation in order to make a determination based on conclusive data. Exclusionary factors play a huge role in determining whether a student is a student with a disability. Included in the staff training will be understanding exclusionary factors and their implications before and after COVID-19 along with documents that will be provided to include in the evaluations.

    Parents will be provided notice and consent for any students that are due for reevaluations and these evaluations will be conducted using formal and informal data.

    Therapy will continue to be provided through an online platform unless not feasible to do so when the schools reopen.

    ARDs will continue to be conducted virtually even when schools reopen.