1. COVID-19 Standard School Process – Athletes/Coaches
    1. Forms – Self check Rank One
      1. Athletes will do COVID questions prior to practice everyday
      2. Athletes will do COVID questions prior to game time.
    2. Temperatures
      1. Checked before practicing everyday
      2. Checked before boarding team bus for games. (Coach will certify that all students have been cleared and provide to opponent’s coach)
    3. Transportation
      1. Masks will be required on the bus
      2. No more than 25 total passengers allowed
    1. Entrances & Exits for teams
      1. Each facility will provide a detailed map
      2. Designated entrance to practice each day.
        1. Masks are worn upon arrival
        2. Social distancing
        3. Bring own water bottle
    2. Games: No visitor locker rooms will be provided except for restroom use; one athlete at a time
    1. Reporting of symptoms: Immediately to campus administration, campus coordinator, and athletic director
    1. Coaches
      1. Required to wear mask at all times
      2. Social distance as much as possible
    2. Pre-Game Warm-up
      1. 1 hour for warm-up
    1. Benches/Dugouts
      1. Home team is required to disinfect benches before and after games

    Each team must provide their own disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer for the dugout.

    1. Each team is responsible for ensuring proper social distancing amongst the team within the dugout and/or bleachers
    1. Contests
      1. No handshakes or physical contact with opponents
      2. On the bench – must wear mask at all times
    • Players are not permitted to leave the dugout areas to congratulate players coming off field from defense, when scoring or after home runs (NFHS).
    1. If a coach visits the pitcher, all other players should stay outside of the pitching circle (NFHS).
    2. Game balls should be sanitized at the end of each inning
    3. It is recommended that all players have their own equipment (helmet, glove, bat, catching gear etc.) If not possible, teams must sanitize accordingly.
    • Home team should provide 6 game balls. Game balls will be switched out at the 2, 4, and 6 innings.
    1. Teams and Venues
      1. Sub Varsity out of district teams will be allowed to stay but must provide supervision. If we are playing.
      2. If double headers are scheduled, teams must leave venue right after game.
    • Home team must provide an area that is large enough for social distancing. Students are required to wear masks.
    1. EPISD & SISD Teams playing each other-both teams are not allowed to stay and must leave immediately following their games

    III. Tournament

    1. Host school must create a warm-up plan where no two teams are in the same warm-up area at the same time.
    2. Host school must create a plan to clean and disinfect the dugout/sideline areas between each game.
    3. NFHS Softball Considerations
    1. Face Shields: Plastic shields covering the entire face (unless integrated into the facemask and attached to a helmet) should not be allowed during contest. Their use during practices increases the risk of unintended injury to the person wearing the shield or teammates.
    2. Additional Equipment: Cloth facial coverings are recommended but not required. Facial coverings must be of one color, not distracting, and no designs. Pitchers cannot wear optic yellow cloth facial coverings.
    • Substitutions: The verbal exchange should occur 6 feet from the coach to scorer and opposing team when making lineup changes.
    1. Coaching: Umpires do not handle equipment on the field during play. Contact with the game balls should be as limited as possible There are several strategies to protect the student athlete from cross contamination due to exposure to game balls. It is recommended each state choose a strategy that best fits their specific circumstances.
    2. Coaching: Coaches who wish to discuss a rule or a ruling on the field must maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from the umpire.
    3. Coaching: Base coaches must always stay 6 feet from a runner at all times after suspension of play.
    • Bench and Field Conduct: Players are not permitted to leave the dugout area to congratulate players coming off field from defense, when scoring or after home runs. The number of individuals in the dugout is dependent on the size of the dugout. Players and coaches must maintain 6 feet of social distance. NFHS rules allow for dugouts/designated warm up areas to be extended to provide for social distancing.
    • Charged Conferences: Coaches holding defensive conferences must stay on the home plate side of the pitcher’s circle and the player or players must be on the opposite of the pitcher’s circle maintaining the 6 feet distance. Only one coach is permitted during the conference. If a coach visits the pitcher, all other players should stay outside the pitching circle.
    1. Exchange of Lineup Cards: Lineups should be handed to the umpire, and the umpire will verbally approve or ask any questions about the lineup. Recommended for lineup cards exchanged team to team to scorekeeper to be shared via photo or text.
    2. Plate Umpire: Plate umpire should stand deeper than normal to call balls and strikes.
    3. Equipment and Apparel: Cloth facial coverings are recommended but not required. Must be of one color and not distracting and no designs. Umpire may wear disposable glove and masks.
    • Softball Umpires Manual Modifications: Base umpires should maintain 6 feet from any player as a starting position when rotated and/or counter rotated.
    • Keep the catcher and batter at a 6-foot distance when dusting off the plate.


    1. COVID-19 Standard School Process – Officials & Press Box Personnel
    1. Forms – Self check
    2. Procedures
      1. Temperatures must be checked upon arrival to facility
      2. Reporting of symptoms: To association and head coaches immediately
      3. Entrances & Exits for officials: Each facility will provide a detailed map
      4. Game Ball: Official game ball should be sanitized as recommended by the ball manufacturer and not used for warm-ups
      5. The host school should ensure that the game ball is sanitized during time-outs and at the end of each inning.
      6. Must wear mask at all times
      7. Must provide their own writing utensils and no sharing allowed
      8. Must provide own hydration (ex. water bottles)
      9. No food allowed in press box
    1. Fan Attendance – (If permitted)
      1. Fans will be determined by each district.  Clint ISD is not allowing fans.
      2. Games will be streamed through local channels when available