Baseball / Softball /Soccer/Tennis/Track 

    Protocols / Procedures for Outdoor Fans


    I. Overview of Athletic Event Protocols/Procedures

    The Clint ISD Athletics Department has put together the following safety protocols for our for all of the spring 2021 sports in accordance with University Interscholastic League (UIL) guidelines. The purpose of this document is to provide instructions and protocols for all athletic activities that will take place during the 2020-2021 school year. The health and safety of our student athletes, coaches, event staff/game help, and spectators are our number one priority.


    Clint ISD Athletics will continue to work closely with the UIL, campus administration, the State of Texas, El Paso County, the City of El Paso health officials, and the CDC, so timely and accurate information can guide appropriate responses. Local conditions will influence the decisions that public health officials make regarding community level strategies.


    The policies in our plan are designed to minimize risk to yourself and others. It is vital to the health and safety of everyone that our athletes, event staff/game help and spectators are always fully conscious of this and take responsibility for following these guidelines seriously.


    Clint ISD is will phasing in spectator attendance, with the idea that each spectator will follow these protocols.  They will be set in place to ensure that our athletic venues and activities maintain the guidelines set by our State, City and District safety expectations.


    III.   Spectators




    Start Times



    # Spectators (Max)



    Sat 8:30am







    Each players will be able to identify 2 adult parents/guardians/relative


    (Venue & event size may restrict total number for entry)




    2 per player (36 limit per team)


    Mountain View


    2 per player (36 limit per team)




    2 per player (30 limit per team)


    Horizon MS

    Little 13

    2 per player (36 limit per team)


    Estrada MS

    Little 13

    2 per player (36 limit per team)


    East Montana MS

    Little 13

    2 per player (36 limit per team)


    Clint Jr High

    Little 13

    2 per player (36 limit per team)




    1.  Coaches will submit a pass list with athlete’s name and the two spectators to the home   team no later than the day before the game.

    2.  Pass List will be provided on a game-to-game basis. 

    3.  No other person may be substituted on the pass list. 

    3.  Administrator District badges will be accepted into game(s).

    4.  There will be designated areas where spectators will be allowed to sit.

    5.  No SEEDS, food, or drinks will be allowed ….except for personal water.


    1. Gates will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. 
    2. ID may be required to verify identification
    3. Temperatures will be taken.
    4. At the conclusion of the game, the spectators will exit out of designated locations.
    5. There will be no congregating after the game concludes.


    1. Before entering, every spectator will have completed the pre-screening questionnaire posted on the signs outside of the facility. If a spectator answers “YES” on any question, they will immediately leave the premises.


    1. Screening Questions to ask yourself:
    2. In the past 14 days, have you had known contact with any person with a lab confirmed case of COVID-19?
    3. New or worsening cough or shortness of breath/difficulty breathing?
    • At least two of the following symptoms:
      1. Chills?
      2. Cough?
      3. Muscle pain?
      4. Headache?
      5. Sore throat?
      6. Diarrhea?
      7. Fatigue?
      8. Congestion or runny nose?
      9. Nausea or vomiting?
      10. Do you have any loss of taste or smell?
      11. Shaking or exaggerated shivering?
      12. Do you feel feverish; have a measured temperature greater than, or equal to 100?



    Executive Order GA-29 regarding face coverings, applies to all UIL activities effective July 3, 2020. This includes the 2020-2021 school year. As the public health situation changes, and/or if subsequent Executive Orders are issued by Governor Greg Abbott, these guidelines may be further modified.

    1. For the purposes of this document, face coverings include non-medical grade disposable facemasks, cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth), or full-face shields to protect eyes, nose, and mouth. Face shields may be superior to cloth face coverings in many circumstances, given improved ability to see mouth movements and improved air circulation.
    2. All employees, parents, visitors, and students five years of age or older must wear face coverings or face shields upon entry to an area where UIL activities are being conducted and when not actively practicing or playing in the contest, unless an exception listed below applies.


    1. The face coverings requirements do not apply to a school in a county that meets the requirements of paragraph 11 of Executive Order GA-29, unless the local school system chooses to implement these requirements. Even in these circumstances, the wearing of face coverings or face shields is strongly encouraged.


    Exceptions to wearing face coverings or face shields include:

    • Any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering.
    • While a person is consuming food or drink.
    • While the person is in a swimming pool, lake, or similar body of water.
    • When a congregating group of persons maintains at least 6 feet of social distancing.
    • Any other reason or circumstance indicated under Executive Order GA-29.


    1.   Spectators, audiences, fans, and media are required to wear face coverings as     

                  described in Executive Order GA-29.            

    1. Groups should always maintain at least six feet of distance from other groups,   

            including the process of admission and seating.

    1. Spectators must adhere to labeled entry and exits points to ensure proper stadium procedures



    1. Facilities cleaning – athletic facilities will be disinfected and sanitized before, during and after the athletic event. Emphasis will be given to the disinfecting of high-touch areas and surfaces. 
    2. Enhanced cleaning – specific athletic facilities in which an individual with a confirmed COVID-19 positive has been identified will undergo enhanced disinfection per CDC and industry guidelines.
    3. All water fountains will be “out of service.”
    4. There will be no concessions