Color Guard

    Competition Color Guard is a special team comprised of four cadets - two rifle bearers, National flag bearer, and Organizational flag bearer. Together the members of this team must: 

    ●   Memorize all drill commands

    ●   Properly uncase and case the Colors

    ●   Maintain proper cadence and alignment

    ●   Ensure commands are clear and concise

    ●   Ensure all movements are crisp and demonstrate snap 

    Color Guard teams compete: 

    ●   As a separate event at drill competitions

    ●   Armed and unarmed divisions

    ●   Locally at drill meets throughout the school year

    Drill Team

    Drill Team is a special team that competes at drill competitions throughout the course of the school year. All drill teams must exhibit skills of discipline, bearing, snap, command, and control in order to be competitive within each event.

     The drill team competes in both Armed and Unarmed divisions throughout the year to qualify for placement at the annual U.S. Army Cadet Command Drill Championships.

    Armed Drill Team

       Platoon Drill -

    ●   This team performs a memorized set of commands with weapons 

    ●   Cadets are required to conduct several manual of arms movements with the weapons

    ●   Commands must be executed with a high level of precision and control

    ●   Commanders must demonstrate their ability to multitask while maintaining control 

      Exhibition Drill -

    ●   Create a unique choreographed routine with weapons

    ●   Demonstrate a high level of synchronized movements

    ●   Produce a spirited entertainment value while still maintaining a military flair

    ●   Incorporate several challenging spins, tosses, and exchanges

    ●   Requires a commitment towards numerous hours of practice

    Unarmed Drill Team

      Platoon Drill -

    ●   This team performs a memorized set of commands without weapons

    ●   Commands must be executed with a high level of precision and control

    ●   No prop (weapon) incorporated into unarmed drill

    ●   Command voice and control become paramount to the overall success of this team   

      Exhibition Drill -

    ●   This team creates a creative routine without weapons or props

    ●   Consists of various formation changes, hand and arm movements, and foot stomps

    ●   Routine creates a high level of synchronized movements 

    ●   Choreographed movements must demonstrate a cohesive mirror-like effect

    ●   Spacing and timing are critical to the overall success of this competitive team 

    Air Rifle Team

    The rifle marksmanship that is taught and practiced in the JROTC program is Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting. Our goal is to make it to the Air Rifle completion. Common aspects of this type of marksmanship include:  

    • Use of 4.5 mm (.177 cal.) air rifles
    • Targets placed at a distance of 10 meters
    • Most common air rifle used is the Crossman Challenger PCP air rifle (Model CH2009S)
    • These air rifles operate on either CO2 or compressed air
    • Air rifle competition standards are similar to those used during Olympic shooting events

    Positions used are standing, prone, and kneeling