What is JROTC?

    JROTC is about motivating and developing young people. JROTC is an elective with full academic credit toward graduation and can be substituted for Physical Education. The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) was established by Congress in 1916 and was first started at Heights (Reagan) in 1926. It is a coeducational program designed to provide instruction which benefits the cadets, school, and community. The program produces successful students and productive, responsible adults.

    What does JROTC teach?

    It teaches leadership and self-discipline. Cadets receive instruction in a broad spectrum of subjects, including: Communication Skills, Leadership, Physical Fitness, First Aid, History, Marksmanship, Map Reading, and Service Learning.

    Will Cadets have to join the military?

    NO! There is no requirement of obligation to join the Armed Services. For students desiring to join the military, satisfactory completion of JROTC for at least one year can lead to advanced rank and extra pay in the Armed Forces.

    Do Cadets wear a uniform?

    Yes, a uniform is provided free and is worn once a week on designated uniform days.