• INTERVENTION STRATEGY INDICATOR CODE indicates that a student enrolled at the campus participated in an intervention strategy at any time during the school year. (TEC 26.004) 


    Tier 1 - the whole student body (do not code students in tier 1) 


    Tier 2 - students who receive some intervention but in more of a larger group setting such as tutorials 


    Tier 3 - students who receive more intense intervention such as small group, one on one, etc. 


    Intervention Strategy

  • Frontline


    Student Data is managed in Frontline 

    • Request a report in Frontline to compare to the data entered in Skyward. 
    • Report is called 'RTI Intervention Summary Tier 2 and 3' 
  • Data reported is Yes or No. 


    Start Date: is the date the student participated in an intervention strategy.