• Dyslexia Single Pathway Evaluation

    BIG changes are coming!! Dyslexia Evaluations are moving to a single pathway in Fall 2021. Contact Lorraine.Martinez@clint.net with questions. Our Guidebook is under construction to reflect the Dyslexia Handbook changes.


    In accordance with TEC 28.006 and TEC 39.023, CISD administers Universal Screening to assess all students, Kindergarten through 7th, to identify students potentially at risk for reading difficulties and/or related disorders. Furthermore, screening is completed to address the risk of dyslexia and/or reading difficulties at Kinder and First Grade at appropriate times in the school year. When determining which screening instruments to use CISD considers the primary language of the student and other factors. All screenings are administered by trained, qualified personnel at the campus level. Screening is not a formal evaluation. It is a way to identify students that struggle to learn when provided appropriate instruction.


    Review of Data and Decision Making

    The committee should review all the data to determine their next steps for instruction and/or the possibility of testing to identify a suspected disability or related disorder. (The Dyslexia Handbook, 2018, p. 35 )

    Parents always have the right to request a referral for a dyslexia evaluation at any time. Once a parent makes a request for a dyslexia evaluation, the school district is obligated to review the student’s data history (both formal and informal) to determine whether there is reason to suspect the student has a disability. If a disability is suspected, the student needs to be evaluated following the guidelines of CISD in conjunction with The Dyslexia Handbook, 2018.

    It is important to note that progression through RTI is not required in order to begin the identification of dyslexia. (The Dyslexia Handbook, 2018 p. 23). In Clint ISD, if there is a suspicion of dyslexia, it is best practice to start interventions to best meet the instructional needs of the student at the time you begin the referral process for a dyslexia evaluation. Meeting the students' needs are first and foremost a priority.


    Pathway to the Identification and Provision of Instruction for Students with Dyslexia

    Pathway to the Identification and Provision of Instruction for Students with Dyslexia