• (Updated 9/1/2023)

    Technical Assistance Center - Technology Quote Request via Incident IQ

    Technology Quote Requests have been migrated into Incident IQ.

    To assist you with making your request, the Department of Technology and Information Services has provided Hardware Acquisition Standards that Can Be Referenced Here

    Standards for desktops, laptops, printers, etc. are listed.

    To submit a technology quote request: Log into Incident IQ by Clicking Here

    Note: You must sign into Incident IQ with your Clint ISD Google Account. 

    Once signed in:

    1. Click on New Ticket

    2. Click on AV Setup/Security/Other/Quotes

    3. Technology Assistance Center Technology Quote Request.

    4. Complete the Form, please provide as much information as possible to expedite your request.

    5. Notifications: Once your ticket has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification that your request has been submitted, and another email at every status change or addition of notes. 

    The status of your ticket can be tracked at any time by logging back into Incident IQ.

    6. When quotes are ready, your ticket will be placed in Resolved status and you will get an email notification.

    7. Download your quotes from Incident IQ.

    Please Note* Continue to monitor your email and answer your phone.

    If the TAC team has any questions, they will reach out to you and your ticket will be on hold, with a  "waiting for requestor" status.

    Your quote request will be in one of the statuses below:

    Your quote request has been submitted by you and received by the Technical Assistance Center team.

    Your quote request has been started and is being worked on.

    Some partial or incorrect quotes have been received; The Technical Assistance Center team has reached out to the vendor(s) for corrections/updates.

    The Technical Assistance Center team needs more information from you and have sent you an email – your quote request will be on hold till you reply.

    Your quote request has been completed, and you can log back into the system to download your quote(s) from the Attachments section of the ticket. (See sample below)

    Your quote request was cancelled either by you or by the Technical Assistance Center Team – details of why it was cancelled will be on the notes of the ticket.


    If you have any questions, contact the Technical Assistance Center at 915-926-4121.