• Transition Services

    For students receiving special education services in Clint ISD, developing and implementing an individualized transition plan supports independence, self-advocacy, and post-secondary success. For our students, this process begins in 6th grade and continues through graduation. In Clint ISD, we understand the importance of educating students and their families about the many opportunities and resources available within our schools and community. We are dedicated to developing strong relationships with not only our students and families, but also our community partners and agencies to encourage collaboration and communication between all parties involved in supporting students' transition into life after high school.

    To learn more about the exciting opportunities and transition services provided in Clint ISD, contact one of our Post-Secondary Transition Facilitators.


    District TED and High School Contact:

    Lorraine Herrera   

    Email:  Lorraine.Herrera@clint.net


    Middle School Contact:  

    Ryan Trujillo         

    Email:  Ryan.Trujillo@clint.net