• PBIS at Clint ISD

    Clint ISD began implementing the PBIS framework a few years ago and is continuing efforts to impact our school communities positively. Each elementary and middle school has a PBIS team supporting the school-based PBIS system initiatives. PBIS team members  are typically teachers, specialists, instructional facilitators, school counselors, and administrators. Clint ISD also formed it’s own district PBIS team to help guide and support school campus PBIS systems.

    A key strategy of the PBIS process is being proactive. Students follow the school’s behavior expectations; and those are the students we want to put focus on!  Through direct instruction, comprehension, and regular practice, all stakeholders use a consistent set of school-wide behavioral expectations to give structure to daily routines.  Students following the expectations are acknowledged and recognized points, activities, raffles, and/or special events! The idea is that when we put positive focus and give positive recognition for desired behaviors, negative behaviors decrease and school culture is positive. 

    Clint ISD recently produced a video to support teachers in their efforts to create a positive classroom culture. Thank you to Ms. Sanchez, a first grade teacher at Montana Vista Elementary, for allowing us to take video and interview her. Remember that positive creates more POSITIVE! What you focus on comes to fruition. Here is the Clint ISD Positive Classroom Culture Video

    Clint ISD utilizes an application called PBIS Rewards to assist and support the district PBIS initiatives in our elementary and middle schools. PBIS Rewards is a digital PBIS management solution that assists schools in teaching appropriate behavior. PBIS Rewards is accessible by school staff and teachers, students, and family to further facilitate the implementation of PBIS in our schools. The application also provides our check in and check out system along with advanced referral systems focusing on data to enhance data-driven decision making.

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