• Guest WIFI Access Request Form

    All individuals granted access to the use of district technology and information resources must be aware of and agree to abide by the following acceptable use requirements:

    Users certify that their device's operating system and applications are up to date with the latest updates and security patches.

    All devices connecting to a district’s network must run security software and have all necessary updates applied.

    The district may access and monitor its information resources for any purpose consistent with the district’s duties and/or mission without notice. 

    Users have no expectation of privacy regarding any district data residing on personally owned devices, regardless of why the data was placed on the personal device.

    All Users must comply with applicable district Technology Information Resources Use and Security policies at all times. District policy can be found online here: https://pol.tasb.org/Home/Index/436   

    Users shall never use district Technology Information Resources to deprive access to individuals otherwise entitled to access district Information; to circumvent district computer security measures; or, in any way that is contrary to the district’s mission(s) or applicable law.

    Users must not interfere with the activities of others or use a disproportionate share of information resources. 

    Use of District Information Resources to intentionally access, create, store, or transmit sexually explicit materials is prohibited.

    Users shall access district data only to conduct district business and only as permitted by applicable confidentiality and privacy laws. Users must not attempt to access data on systems they are not expressly authorized to access.

    Users must not use or disclose confidential district data, or data that is otherwise confidential or restricted, without appropriate authorization.

    Each User will be held responsible for all activities conducted using the User’s password or other credentials. 

    Passwords must be kept confidential, and the user granted access to the password agrees not to divulge the password to others. 

    User understands and agrees that use of District Technology Information Resources is conditioned upon an agreement to comply with policy. Evidence of security violations is subject to revocation of access and will be considered a breach of contract or violation of the terms for conducting business with the district.

    The district may take legal action as necessary to protect district information resources, district users, and data.

    Users should report misuse of District Information Resources or violations of this policy to TECH_ADMIN@clint.net 

    Link to Form https://forms.gle/TCRDTxZhc7wEEgebA or Complete Below