• See it so you don’t click it.


    The signs can be subtle, but once you recognize a phishing attempt, you can avoid falling for it. Before clicking any links or downloading attachments, take a few seconds (like literally 4 seconds) and ensure the email looks legit. Here are some quick tips on how to clearly spot a phishing email:

    • Does it contain an offer that’s too good to be true?
    • Does it include language that’s urgent, alarming, or threatening?
    • Is it poorly crafted writing riddled with misspellings and bad grammar?
    • Is the greeting ambiguous or very generic?
    • Does it include requests to send personal information?
    • Does it stress an urgency to click on an unfamiliar hyperlinks or attachment? 
      Is it a strange or abrupt business request?
    • Does the sender’s e-mail address match the company it’s coming from? Look for little misspellings like pavpal.com or anazon.com.