Student Dress Code

  • Student Dress Code

    All students must abide by the district’s Dress for Success guidelines. It is the teacher’s responsibility to verify student dress code every morning. If students are out of dress code, please send them to the office (not the nurse) so that we can notify parents to see if the student can get in dress code. If the problem cannot be fixed, the student may be subject to disciplinary action.

    Everyday Dress Code for ALL students:
    • School uniform shirts include: royal blue, navy blue, black white or gray polo shirts are preferred for school
    spirit with blue jeans, navy, black, khaki pants or shorts (no gray or brown pants/shorts are allowed.). All
    undershirts must be school uniform color
    • All shirts or blouses must be “Polo” style (no more than 3 button Polo shirts). They must be tucked in at all
    times with the belt showing.
    • Students must wear closed shoes. No steel toe boots/shoes, “heely” shoes or sandals are allowed. Shower
    shoes, rubber flip flops, slippers or shoes with a heel are not allowed. All shoes must have a hard sole.
    • Pants or shorts must not be torn or frayed
    • Walking style shorts may not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee (cut-offs, homemade and athletic
    shorts are not allowed).
    • Boys shorts must not be longer than the knee cap.
    • Belts must be worn for all students. Dress code enforcement for belts will be for students in grades 2-5
    • Extra large belt buckles and belt buckles with initials are not allowed
    • Medallion/chains may not be visible at any time
    • All shirts must be tucked inside the pants/shorts/skirts at all times
    • Hairstyles, including but not limited to Mohawks or Mohawk styles, spiked hair longer than 1 1⁄2 inches or any
    hairstyles that draw undue attention and extend more than 1 1⁄2 inches from scalp will not be allowed. Hair
    colors/cuts/designs/hair extensions that distracts others in a manner that interferes with instructional
    activities are not allowed. (Natural hair colors: black, brown, blonde, natural red) Bangs no longer than to
    eyebrows for both boys and girls.