Mountain View High School

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Mountain View High School is to create an environment that ensures that every member of the school community reaches a high level of academic achievement, verified by objective measures, and that furthers positive intellectual, physical, moral, and social development.



    MVHS will provide students a rigorous academic pathway, with high quality instruction and a system of support; to ensure that all Lobos graduate College, Career or Military Ready.


    1. We will provide differentiated support to ALL students so that they meet grade level or better all state assessments and all college readiness exams.

    2. We will ensure a positive, safe and well-disciplined campus.

    3. We will monitor and support students in achieving academic excellence so that they may graduate in four years prepared to enroll into post secondary education institutions or the workforce.

    4. We will serve students with highly qualified teachers. All teachers will be provided with quality professional development to meet the diverse needs of all students.

    5. We will encourage parents, community, and business members to be active participants in the education of all students.


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  • 14964 Greg Drive
    El Paso, TX  79938

    Phone:  915-926-5000
    Fax:      915-855-2503