• El Paso Community College

    El Paso Community College


    Courses Available:

    ENGLISH 1301 Exposotory English Composition

    ENLISH 1302 English Writing and Literary Analysis

    MATH 1314  Pre-Calculus College Algebra and Geometry

    MATH 2412  Pre-Calculus II

    BIOLOGY 1306 General Biology - Science Majors I

    BIOLOGY 1106 Lab General Biology

    BIOLOGY 1307 General Biology - Science Majors II

    BIOLOGY 1107 Lab General Biology

    SPANISH 2313 Intermediate Spanish I for Heritage Speakers

    ECONOMICS 2301 Principals of Macro Economics

    EDUCATION 1300 Learning Framework

    DANCE 2303 Dance Appreciation

    HISTORY 1301 History of the United States to 1877

    HISTORY 1302 History of the United States since 1877

    GOVERNMENT 2305 American Government and Policy

    Earn up to 42 hours of College Credit!