• Teachers interested in working at Clint ISD Early College Academy (CECA) are encouraged to visit the district website at www.clintweb.net to view specific postings and certification requirements.

    Teaching at CECA will be a highly demanding yet equally rewarding experience. Qualified applicants should possess and demonstrate the following:


    • Secondary certification for grades 9-12
    • Master’s degree preferred
    • Dual credit certification


    • History of working closely with at-risk students to become academically successful
    • Use of high-yield, research-based instructional strategies incorporated into daily lessons to include technology and reading and writing instruction
    • Collaboration with colleagues to plan common lessons and reflect on lesson delivery to enhance teaching and learning
    • Development of supportive and caring relationships with students and parents
    • Consistent implementation of effective classroom management techniques


    • Energetic
    • Enthusiastic
    • Creative
    • Results-driven
    • Problem solver


    • Refers to the school mission to guide daily decision making
    • Exhibits a thorough understanding of state and college standards for the subject matter to be taught
    • Plans and delivers lessons with clearly defined learning goals and measurable outcomes that develop and enhance college-ready skills
    • Maximizes instruction and student learning for the time allotted in each class period
    • Sponsors a club or organization
    • Provides tutoring and interventions beyond the regular school day


    CECA will empower its students to graduate from high school while simultaneously providing the opportunity to attain an Associate of Arts Degree or beyond. We will accomplish this by delivering rigorous curriculum, providing appropriate interventions, and through clear communication of high standards of behavior and academic achievement.

    Our Students

    Many of the students who will attend CECA will be economically disadvantaged and first from their families to attend college. Some will be at-risk students with a history of limited academic success while others will be gifted and talented and on the A Honor Roll. The CECA student body will be a heterogeneous group comprised of young men and women with varied backgrounds, experiences, talents, skills and aspirations. However, all CECA students will have and demonstrate the motivation, commitment, determination and work ethic needed to be successful in college.