• Mountain View Student Council

    The Student Council of Mountain View High School is made up of a sponsor (Ms. Saenz) and the students of the school. We work together to create a friendly and healthy campus environment by being involved in several school activities. All student council members play a huge role in the organization, including the officers. We serve to enhance the physical and mental environment of the school, each member is expected to set the example for others. If there are any important topics we need to discuss, the student council director will hold a meeting, either in room 205a or the library. 

    Ms. Elizabeth Saenz - Room 205A



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    A Message from your president during these unpresendented times:


    With all this free time, I saw this video and recreated it with some of my favorite memories. Don't judge me. So, I am literally in tears, no one wants to take this serious and everyone wants to keep going out. For the time being just listen and if you don't need to be outside from your home, just stay home . My heart goes out to all those athletes that got their season canceled. Especially to all my seniors, to everyone this is just a simple vacation of school but to us it's the last months we have together walking though the halls of MVHS before we all go our separate ways. It's not selfish to feel this way. I know there is people going though worse like losing their loved ones or medical professionals not being able to be with their families and here I am crying about graduation, senior activities and prom but to some of us it meant everything. It's okay to feel the way you are feeling. But us as young adults let's do our part by setting the example of simply staying home and stopping the spread. Class of 2020 don't you know who we are, we are strong, and we will get through this. We started strong and we will end strong!

    -Natalie De La Rosa