• Broadcasting Club

    WDS NewsCub Cast-Our School Morning Announcements

    The broadcasting club is an extra curricular program in which students learn advanced life-long technology concepts, hone their planning, writing, and editing skills.  More importantly, they develop critical thinking and cooperative learning strategies as they are faced with creating messages in their videos and conveying their meaning to specific audiences.  Students serve as one of the following roles:

    Video Producers (grades 4 - 5) Take pictures/record, download, edit, import, airdrop, preview, export, and post videos.  Watch and recommend changes to improve. Report observations and evaluations to sponsors. Video producer will also serve as backup for anchors/news reporters. 

    Sound Technician (grades 4-5)  Prepare, adjust, and monitor sound during announcements.  Set up/handle equipment carefully as needed.

    Video Technician (grades 4-5)  Manage the switchboard by switching and fading cameras,adjusts the green screen, and records the live feed through the matrox.  Set up/handle equipment carefully as needed. 

    News Anchor (grades 4 - 5) Gather information from Google forms, sponsors, and work with partner anchor to prepare, format, and practice script outline for the WDS News.

    News Reporters (grades 4 - 5) Gather information depending on assignment and practice script outline for the WDS News.

    Meteorologist (grades 4-5) Research information, prepare backgrounds and script outline for the WDS News

    Students are rotated every nine weeks.  We meet Monday through Friday in our news room from 7:00-7:40 a.m.  If needed, students may be required to stay afterschool on Mondays from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.