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  • Distance learning is straining parent-teacher relationships

    Renee Enyart, 28, was across the room from her sixth-grader when it happened. She glanced over and saw her daughter Emi, who was virtually attending science class at their home in Winter Haven, Fla., reaching for her laptop’s power cable. Suddenly, a sharp voice rang out from the speakers. “It was just an instant scolding: ‘I told you to look at the screen. You know what you’re supposed to be doing. I shouldn’t have to tell you guys,’ ” Enyart recalled. Tears sprang into Emi’s eyes. “I didn’t know she was unmuted, and I just told her, ‘Go ahead and let it die.’ Because it just annoyed me — she was still paying attention. She was grabbing our charger, trying to be present in the class,” Enyart said. “I was actually kind of glad that the teacher did hear it, because for a second it was like, ‘Oh, wow.’ She instantly apologized.”

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  • 25 Gratitude Writing Prompts to Use Every Day in November

    When it comes to creating a culture of kindness inside and outside your classroom, gratitude is a key ingredient—and during the month of November, there’s no better time to help students reflect upon what they can be grateful for in their lives. Plus, check out these 28 read alouds that teach about gratitude. As you and your students count down the days to the break, these gratitude writing prompts will not only help your students reflect on the spirit of the season but will also show them just how much there is to be thankful for in their classroom, at home, and in their community.

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  • Teachers Share This Year's Best Classroom Moments So Far

    It's been a 'helluva" year, and we're only about two months into the school calendar! Despite our many challenges, we've all had some great experiences in our virtual or physical classrooms, though perhaps not as many as we've had in previous years. Let's celebrate them! Today, Neema Avashia, Ann Stiltner, and many readers share the high points of their year so far. For me, the best moment had to have been when I was teaching my ELL history class in Zoom the day before Halloween. I wear a fedora every day to school to protect my shiny bald head from the sun, and many students in this year's class knew me from previous years. All of a sudden, in the middle of a lesson about the Pilgrims, spooky music boomed from someone's microphone. Just as I was going to say something in an irritated tone, many students turned on their cameras to unveil themselves costumed as ghosts with fedoras! The kids are all right …

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  • We Build Boring Schools, Then We Put Them Online--Science Has The Fix

    We created boring schools and then put them online. Our focus on testing made learning small and easy to grade rather than valuable. We pretend there is an average kid who is supposed to be at this thing called grade level. We organize secondary schools in ways that prevents us from understanding learners, building sustained relationships, or doing interesting community-connected work. We don’t focus on or provide any feedback on the most important skills. Teachers aren’t to blame—it’s the system we inherited. As Tony Wagner has been saying for two decades, “No shame, no blame, no excuses.” Schools are obsolete and must be reinvented.

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  • How to Make Remote Learning Work? Unmute Yourself!

    Once upon a time, in a house in Englewood, N.J., whose greige paint was peeling with age, lived three children with 14 years of home-schooling among them. Their parents, Casia and Roland Davis — whom I met in New York long before children came along — began home-schooling all three together in 2010, starting when Zachary was 7, Luke was 4 and Sophia was 2, largely because they found the local Montessori school overcrowded. “We complained and they kicked us out,” Mr. Davis recalled. He and Ms. Davis were “unimpressed” with the local public school, he said. “And we didn’t think that as white middle-class people we’d be able to get financial aid for private schools,” he added. (The couple, massage therapists, met while working at a spa in the Hamptons.)

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