• Attendance Policy:

    Students have to attend EACH class (8 total classes) at least 90% of the days the class is offered per semester. (this includes excused and unexcused absences) If students lose credit for a class, absences will be reviewed by the Attendance Review Committee. This committee will  decide whether or not the student may regain credit through after school Cub Academy, Intersession or Summer School.

    • We can only accept 5 handwritten notes (parent/guardian notes) to excuse your child’s absences for the school year.
    • All absences must be cleared through the attendance office. Notes will only be accepted within two days of the absence.
    • After an absence, students will report to the front office first thing in the morning with their excuse note. After 8:20am, students may submit their notes to the front office at teachers discretion. A note is required for ALL absences.
    • If picked up early, or arriving late and missing any class period, it is important that you submit a note to excuse the absence for the class periods missed. 

    Excused Absences:

    Personal illness with a note (5 allowed for the year)

    Doctor’s appointment

    Death in family

    School sponsored activities

    Religious Holy Days (parent must submit a

    written request in advance)

    Principal approved absences

    Unexcused Absences:

    Skipping/ditching class (Truancy)

    Absence without parent/guardian permission

    Misuse of pass from teacher

    Leaving class early without permission

    Truancy is defined as being absent from class without
    permission from parent/guardian or administration.