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    Welcome W.D. Surratt Elementary Military Families

    Thank you for your service. Clint ISD welcomes military families to our school community. Clint ISD has a vision that provides a safe home-away-from-home in our school communities, focusing on heart first. We prepare all students today for tomorrow by providing intentional social, emotional, academic and career education. Our district Military Strong website will guide and support you with many of our district and community resources. Click here to go to: Clint ISD Military Strong  

    W.D. Surratt Military Family Liaison

       Laura Tullius-Medina, SEL/PBIS Lead Teacher & Campus Military Liaison

       Email: laura.tulliusmedina@clint.net  

       Phone: 915-926-8200






    Welcome to our amazing school! I look forward to working with you and your child(ren).

    We Appreciate Our Military Families! Check Out Our:  Clint ISD Military Appreciation Video 2023

    As your campus Military Family Liaison, my responsibilities include: MFL Duties & Responsibilities

    Also, Military Family Liaison supports families, students, and the community in addressing military needs. The major duties and responsibilities:
    • Teaming up with our campus counseling team in integrating the military child to our campus.
    • Reports to the administration team and leads teams on any transitional issues.
    • A daily student check-in application is in place to support students' social & emotional learning needs.
    • Interacts with students on campus and is an advocate for students.
    • Works with parents and community partners to support military family needs.
    • Supports all goals and objectives of Clint School Districts. 
    • Manages morning circles with military ambassadors.
    • For more information, please visit my website at WDS Military Strong
    • Follow me on Twitter @Laura_TMedina

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    District Military Liaisons:

    Deborah Luevanos, SEL/PBIS District Coordinator

    Email: deborah.luevanos@clint.net

    Phone: 915-926-4158


    Margie Flores, Director of Administrative Support

    Email: margarita.Flores@clint.net 

    Phone: 915-926–4043


    Angelica Bailon, Director of Counseling

    Email: angelica.bailon@clint.net   

    Phone: 915-926-4026