Project Vida
  • What is Project Vida?

    Project Vida is a non-profit organization that promotes healthy lifestyles. We begin with understanding the needs of the communities we work with. This includes our brand new school-based integrated health program. We offer our primary care telehealth service (known as TytoCare) to the students of Clint Junior High! Our services are offered inside of the Nurses' Office here on campus.


    What is TytoCare and TytoPro?

    Is your child sick, but don’t want to wait those long hours in an Emergency Room? Don’t want to have to wait to schedule an appointment with your doctor*? We can help!


    TytoCare is a telehealth service that is offered exclusively in Clint ISD. We are able to test your student for illnesses such as strep-throat, flu, or COVID-19 and have results in 15 minutes.


    TytoPro is the physical camera device that is used in the procedures to check your students' heart rate, lungs, mouth, ears, nose, and skin. We examine the student, diagnose accordingly, and are also able to write a note to excuse the student for the appropriate amount of days. We can even send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. This is all covered by your insurance.




    Don't have insurance? No problem! Project Vida offers a Discount Sliding Scale Program that could benefit the whole family. (See us in the Nurse's Office for more details)

    Interested? Pick up a Consent Form for your student in the Nurse's Office today! Or click the link below!




    * We would like to remind you that the services offered by TytoCare are NOT a replacement for your Primary Doctor.

    ** We will never deny services for the inability to pay or immigration status.