• We, the Human Resources Department, pledge to provide professional and personal services to all District employees in order to promote our District as the Employer of Choice and recruit the very best for our schools and our students.  

    The Clint Independent School District offices continue to remain closed due to the COVID-19 situation we are currently experiencing.  Our Human Resources staff are working remotely and may be reached by email or by leaving a voicemail message on their telephone during this time.  Please refer to the Human Resources directory below. 

    You may also send an email to human.resources@clint.net and a human resources representative will respond to your question(s) and/or concerns during normal business hours.  Our offices are scheduled to open and resume until further notice.  Please visit our district website for any new updates. 

  • Department of Human Resources


    Rene Chavez

    Rene Chavez
    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Department Phone: 915-926-4062
    Department Fax: 915-926-4069

    Email: rene.chavez@clint.net

     Human Resources Compliance, Title IX Coordinator,

    EEOC and lawsuits, Cabinet Member 




  • Central Office
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