• Forms:


    2020-2021 In District Transfer Form

    2020-2021 Solicitud Para Transferencia Adentro del Distrito

    2020-2021 Out of District Transfer Application

    2020-2021 Solicitud Para Transferencia Fuera del Distrito

    Grandparent After School Care Form

    Alumnos no Residentes en Cuidado de los Abuelos

    Statement of Residence

    Declaración de residencia


    Open Enrollment:

    Clint HS
    Clint JHS
    Desert Hills Elementary
    East Montana MS
    Horizon HS
    Mountain View HS
    Ricardo Estrada JHS
    Montana Vista Elementary
    Red Sands Elementary
    C.T. Welch Elementary
    Frank Macias Elementary

    Closed Enrollment Campuses:

    Clint Early College Academy – By Invitation Only
    W.D. Surratt Elementary

    The parent or guardian of a nonresident student wishing to transfer into the District shall file an application for transfer each school year with the Superintendent or designee. Transfers shall be considered on an annual basis for the school year requested. With the exception of a full-time District employee’s child, a student in kindergarten through grade 12 shall be allowed to transfer into the District upon payment of tuition. In approving transfers, the Superintendent or designee shall con-sider availability of space and instructional staff and the student’s disciplinary history, attendance records, grades, and Texas residency. The administration reserves the right to assign a nonresident transfer student to any appropriate District school. A student shall be assigned to a campus upon entry into the District. This campus shall become the designated home campus for the approved transfer year. Please see policy FDA (LOCAL).

    Clint ISD will also consider transfer requests from one attendance zone to another. Transfer requests shall be considered on an annual basis. To be considered, a request shall be made by the parent or guardian to the Superintendent or designee prior to the school year for which the transfer is requested. In approving a transfer, the Superintendent or designee shall consider the availability of space and instructional staff, as well as the student’s disciplinary history, attendance record, grades, and Texas residency. Please see policy FDB (LOCAL).

    Transfer applications may be picked up at any campus and submitted April 10, 2017to June 1, 2017. Late applications will not be accepted. The completed application shall be returned to the campus for which the transfer is being requested. The campus principal will review and process the request according to Administrative Regulations. Request for transfers are not automatically granted. Clint ISD reserves the right to deny a parent’s request for transfer on any reasonable basis.