Mountain View High School

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Mountain View High School is to create an environment that ensures that every member of the school community reaches a high level of academic achievement, verified by objective measures, and that furthers positive intellectual, physical, moral, and social development.



    Mountain View High School’s Vision is to provide all students a safe and individualized education with the purpose of establishing lifelong learners who will develop into citizens who inspire a caring and growth minded community.


    • We will provide differentiated support to ALL students so that they meet grade level or better all state assessments and all college readiness exams.

    • We will ensure a positive, safe and well-disciplined campus.

    • We will monitor and support students in achieving academic excellence so that they may graduate in four years prepared to enroll into post secondary education institutions or the workforce.

    • We will serve students with highly qualified teachers. All teachers will be provided with quality professional development to meet the diverse needs of all students.

    • We will encourage parents, community, and business members to be active participants in the education of all students.