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  • Using Themes to Give Young Students a Sense of Purpose

    Digital learning can get old. It can become harder and harder to vary without complicating our lives or our students’. This feels especially true for younger learners, who might struggle with navigating multiple apps or who need parental support for learning. Fortunately, our younger learners have one great asset we can’t overlook—massive imaginations. The beauty of preschool and early elementary content is that it can easily be applied to any theme—and kids tend to be happy to play along when a topic interests them.

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  • Supporting Students’ Mental Health During COVID

    We know that being there for students is important, but it’s not always obvious how to support them — especially when we’re seeing them through a screen some or all of the time. At the same time, the emotional and social challenges of the pandemic have made it even more crucial for teachers to attend to students’ mental health needs. Here are some tips for doing that, both remotely and in person.

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  • Rehearsing during COVID-19

    At this stage in virtual/hybrid/pandemic schooling, there is no “good” alternative. Zoom (or other video conferencing platforms) make it hard to traditionally play/sing together because of Internet lag (latency/timing that causes timing delays between meeting attendants). Additionally, more than ever, our students are missing and craving the community aspects the ensemble experience provides and the ability to sing or play with their friends. If we cannot perform in a traditional way, how do we engage our students virtually and still be effective ensemble teachers? Below are some remote/hybrid ideas to use to build ensemble skills.

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  • iLearn@School Announced

    Returning from the intersession break on Monday October 12th Clint ISD will be welcoming back students onto its campuses for the first time since March 13th. Parents will be allowed to choose which method their child will be receiving instruction. Students can continue at home with iLearn@Home or come back to school with iLearn@School. To help parents and students in making their choice for the 2nd nine weeks, a video was created to show what to expect at all Clint ISD schools. To learn more about what precautions Clint will take to keep their students safe click the image to the right.

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  • 5 Research-Backed Tips to Improve Your Online Teaching Presence

    So Moore came up with an innovative solution: Noticing that radios were relatively cheap and ubiquitous, he developed courses that could be broadcast from the local radio station. He quickly realized, though, that it wasn’t the same as giving a lecture in front of students. He could no longer chat informally with the farmers, answer their pressing questions, or walk around the farm with them looking for ways to improve productivity. Distance learning felt—at least initially—less personal and less effective to Moore, so much that he dedicated his career to understanding how it could be made more human.

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