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  • NIne Virtual Teaching Success Stories We Can All Learn From

    With virtual teaching wrapping up for the 2020 year, teachers are reflecting on the semester. They are considering what they want to try in the fall and looking at any virtual teaching success stories. The reality is, all over the country, teachers have been pouring their hearts, souls, and creativity into bringing education into the homes of their students. Sometimes these students rely on those Zoom calls as the highlight of their day. So what have we learned, and what can we use if virtual teaching is a part of the future?

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  • Brain Breaks for Remote Learning

    As teachers shift to the remote learning landscape, we adapted our Brain Breaks for Learning Retention to help students de-stress and - most importantly - to get up and move. We recommend using a combination of Brain Breaks every 20 minutes throughout any structured work time, but students can also use them to break up their journaling or independent reading time.

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  • How to Plan When You Don’t Know What to Plan For

    As teachers, we’re planners—it’s just who we are. But how do we plan when we don’t know what to plan for? During a recent professional development session with a local district, the number one question teachers asked me was what next year would look like. The truth is: We don’t know what’s coming our way. Even with glimpses of plans, no one really knows what’s coming.

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  • 5 tips to stay motivated when working remotely

    Recent surveys from Pearson indicate that others are experiencing challenges as well. In March, 81% of Americans agreed that remote work is just as good as office work, but that number is down 16 percentage points in the April survey. Satisfaction levels have also gone down as the pandemic stretches on: in March 93% reported being satisfied with their work from home experience, but that dropped to 82% reporting satisfaction in April.

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  • Focusing on Student Well-Being in Times of Crisis

    As schools across the country remain closed, students with trauma, difficult home situations, and anxiety need support now more than ever. The abrupt change can trigger stress and fear in students that can leave mental scars. A framework of safety is critical for students’ brains and can be the first phase of healing for those experiencing trauma. Help students feel safe through the three Cs: communication, consistency, and control.

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