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Board Approves 2019-2020 Calendar

Clint ISD Board of Trustees at their regular meeting on January 17, 2019 approved the calendar for the 2019-2020 school year.

The new balanced calendar will allow students to have breaks which are more frequent and evenly spread out throughout the academic school year. This calendar will also allow for intersessions in the fall and spring in which accelerated instruction and opportunities for enrichment can be provided for students. The financial benefits of the balanced calendar will assist the District in funding needed activities aligned to adding instructional initiatives for all schools.

The first day of school will be July 29, 2019. The last day of school will be June 4, 2020. Students will have intersession breaks beginning September 30-October 11 and March 9-13.

View the 2019-2020 Calendar


2019-2020 Calendar Information Sessions for Parents and Employees:

31-Jan WDS 3PM Faculty/Staff
  WDS 4PM Parent/Community
1-Feb MVE 8AM Parent/Community
  MVE 3:15PM Faculty/Staff
  MVHS 5PM  Parent/Community
4-Feb MVHS 8AM     Faculty/Staff
  HHS 4:30PM Faculty/Staff
  HHS 5:45PM Parent/Community
5-Feb CJHS 7:45AM   Faculty/Staff
  DHE 3:15PM Faculty/Staff
  CJHS 5PM Parent/Community
6-Feb HMS 4PM Faculty/Staff
  HMS 5PM Parent/Community
8-Feb RSE 8:30AM  Parent/Community
  CTW 3:15PM Faculty/Staff
  CHS 5:30PM Parent/Community
11-Feb CTW 5:30PM Parent/Community
12-Feb REMS 4PM Faculty/Staff
  REMS 5:30PM Parent/Community
13-Feb CHS 7:45AM Faculty/Staff
  EMMS 6PM Parent/Community
14-Feb EMMS  7:30AM Faculty/Staff
  RSE 3:15PM Faculty/Staff
15-Feb DHE 5PM Parent/Community
19-Feb FME 3:15 Faculty/Staff
  FME 5PM Parent/Community